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As-salaam mu alaikum wa Rahmathullah wa Barakathuwho

Alhumdhulillah, during the past few decades, Muslims living throughout the United States have taken great strides in becoming independent in many aspects of our religious lives, all while sticking to the guidelines of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

In Chicago, through ALLAH’s (swt) Continuous Mercy, we are able to provide the Muslim community an Islaamically approved means and method of burial.

Alhumdhulillah, we have arrangements with many different locations (i.e. masaajid, funeral homes, etc) in the Chicago-land area to use as washing stations and, thum-ma Alhumdhulillah, just as many cemeteries with Muslim sections.  See our Locations page.

Please call us at 815.549.9400 or email us at for ALL your funeral needs.

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UPDATE:  To order Grave markers, please go to our new site: Gravemarkers